Kakaomobility Report (english version)

Kakao Mobility is Korea's leading mobility platform company. The data collected by the platform in various trips such as taxis, navigation services, shared bikes, and delivery is referred to as mobility data. It is an important source for understanding people's daily lives and social phenomena, as well as a driving force behind mobility innovation. Since 2017, Kakao Mobility has published an annual "Kakaomobility Report" based on mobility data insights. The reports have also been published in English since 2018. The reports are available for download as a pdf file below.
[EN] 2018 kakaomobility Report.pdf
[EN] 2019 kakaomobility Report.pdf
[EN] 2020 kakaomobility Report.pdf
[EN] 2021 kakaomobility Report.pdf
[EN] 2022 kakaomobility Report.pdf
'Kakao Mobility Report 2021' won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award in the Brand & Communication Design category. The entries are judged by 24 global design experts based on their excellence, creativity, and functionality. The 'Kakao Mobility Report 2021,' which won the main prize, was recognized for using visual elements such as charts, graphs, and maps to implement vast amounts of movement data at a glance and improve the general reader's understanding of mobility services.